About Prima Construct

About us


Founded in 2002, PRIMA CONSTRUCT is a company with a young well-structured staff, proving a dynamic development and flexible working concepts, the main activity area being civil engineering and building services.

Since the beginning we were specialized in manufacturing waterproofing insulation systems (roof terraces, foundations, road bridges, ground parking, tanks and reservoirs) and we managed to impose ourselves by reliability and accuracy, achieving a high quality workmanship at competitive prices.

Another activity sphere of our company is designing and construction of steel structures with various destinations: civil, industrial or agricultural. A subsidiary of this domain is the stainless steel department which produces a large variety of steel garments, from railings and canopies to stainless steel furniture, providing design and execution solutions tailored to the customer needs.

PRIMA CONSTRUCT does NOT work FOR the client. PRIMA CONSTRUCT exists, designs, manufactures and develops itself WITH the client.

The basic concept is partnership with the clients, starting from the first handshake and counting for a long time after ending the contract availability.