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Prima Construct - ABOUT US

  Founded in 2002, PRIMA CONSTRUCT may be considered a young company due to its structure and personnel, but very dynamic through its development and extremely flexible through its working concepts. The main activity is civil and industrial constructions.

Since the beginning, we specialized in manufacturing waterproof insulations (on roof terraces, foundations, bridges, car parks above ground, reservoirs and ponds, etc.) managing to impose ourselves by being reliable and prompt, respecting the quality of works execution at competitive prices. Another activity that we are developing is manufacturing and installation of metal structures (metal multipurpose halls) and enclosures with thermo-insulating panels.

PRIMA CONSTRUCT does not work for the client. PRIMA CONSTRUCT exists, designs, produces and develops together with the client.

The basic concept is keeping a close partnership with our clients starting from the first handshake and continuing after the expiry date of the guarantee of good execution.
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